Karting as a Formula 1 driver

Driving a kart is not a game. But it could be an essential school for motor racing drivers of the future. In fact, many famous drivers, such as Senna, Hamilton and Schumacher, started right here, running on a karting track…

"Racing cannot be described. You need to live it!
If everything seems under control, you are not going fast enough!"

Borgo Zelata … for those looking for a different
way of living nature and free time


Looking for a Kart circuit, just out of Milan, completely immerged in nature?
Come and discover 7 Laghi di Castelletto di Branduzzo circuit.
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7 Laghi Kart - International Circuit

Completely immerged in the nature, the 7 LAGHI circuit of Castelletto di Branduzzo offers fans international kart racing. Kart rental service to experience the adrenaline of a race.
Lake reserved for jet skis and sport fishing.
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